Mobile fountain

It dances and shines jointly with music in our pre-programed shows as well as controlled live.


The fountain might be working all day long attracting crowds of admirers and giving joy of moving water streams, yet when the dusk falls and its colorful lights reveal themselves – that’s when the time of real water magic begins.


And most importantly – we can bring it and assemble in your place, be it outdoor or indoor, our fountain is nice and good looking all-round 360 degrees!

 The classical round fountain will bring elegance and luxury to any kind of event.

It is stunning and beautiful all the way around!


This fountain can be assembled not only in an open area, but also in a indoor-space.

The diameter of this fountain is 6 meters, and the water can rise up to 8 meters. The parameters and music can be adjusted according to your needs.


Round fountain
Rectangular fountain

Rectangular fountain is an unexpected and original solution for various occasions. In this setup water effects are aligned in a single row, so this fountain can serve as a perfect backdrop for your event area.

We can offer 6 x 3 m rectangular fountain. Is that too small? Well, then we can combine two fountains to achieve 12 m of dancing colorful water!


Is there a pond, a lake or a river at your event area? Then we can offer you our floating fountain!

This fountain is specifically assembled from separate water streams on floating pontons. Therefore we can adjust it according to your space and needs.
Do not hesitate to contact us, we can find the best fitting solution for any situation!


Fountain in a lake
Indoor fountain

Do you have a big hall, but no area outside? Or maybe it's snowing outside and you prefer staying warm inside? We can bring the fountain indoors!

If there is no sufficient space for a fountain indoors, we can offer you one more solution: water columns. These water streams in transparent columns can rise up to 3 meters height. Most importantly - water doesn't splash from these columns, therfore they are perfect choice for indoors decoration.

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